Thursday, November 13, 2003

Not in action you fools but inaction.
So how does webster define it ?
One entry found for inaction.
Main Entry: in·ac·tion
Pronunciation: (")i-'nak-sh&n
Function: noun
Date: 1707
: lack of action or activity : IDLENESS

in other words ME
here i am sitting studying for an obscure Operating Systems exam, reading on pages and page frames while the whole world is caught up in frenzied activity. There is a war going on in Iraq (which the Americans insist is terrorist activity), refugees arrive by the boatloads here, there is a rugby world cup, Mr Anderson aka Neo is fighting the machines and come December a Hobbit will get to decide the future of mankind (sorry Mr Bush, you are just not in the running). In Africa the Lords Resistance Army amputates the limbs of young children, the Taliban are staging a comeback, much like Arnie did with T2, summer is upon me, the sun's shining through my balcony windows, the ocean beckons me, the waves beckon me, the beach beckons me, the beer beckons me. And yet i have to sit here and learn how operating systems have evolved. I mean, whats the point of it. They have evolved and thats the end of that. So why should i and a hundred others (ok 50) have to know why a bunch of philosophers need a concurrent algorithm to eat sphagetti and think.

Am i too goody goody, you know the sort that carries the burden of mankind on his capable (may i add broad and muscled) shoulders. No i am most defintely not. You see, conflict is a time to make money. When people listen to rhetoric ahead of reason, when you can sell almost anything with a flag draped around it, when you compare bombing a tinpot dictatorship armed with pre historic weapons to sacrifices made in the two world wars, when a man, his lackey and his dog can lead three of the worlds most developed nations into an impoversihed barren desert on a campaign for freedom and democracy, after first bombing the shits out of them; that is the time when you have to reflect where your education is taking you. Now there is more money to be made then i can ever make in a lifetime spent learning operating systems.

But i am getting carried away here. The topic is my inaction, my doing nothing to save this world, frodo could use a hand.
So what am i going to do?
well i'm going to first go down to the beach, soak up the sun and the lovely atmosphere.
i will then come back to operating systems. the worries of the world are too many and the age of chivalry is long gone. In an earlier time, i may have picked my sword and lance and on my trustworthy charger, set out to battle the evils that plague our world. But i fear today, i wont get much farther than the coastline.
The standard of my house lies buried somewhere, the soldiers who i could have called upon have long since died, my sword and lance lie gathering rust, pride and honour i left behind,
i shall triumph in my inaction