Friday, November 21, 2003

Were the stars wrongly aligned? Did misfortune shadow me?
What possessed me, against my better judjement, to go out on that ill fated day?
In what has been the most inauspicious start to my holidays, i am stuck at home with a sprained ankle. Yes sirs and ma'am, i am cooped up at home with nowhere to go, reduced to estimating the distance and effort involved in moving from the couch to the kitchen in order to save the number of one-legged hops i would have to make.
Just a sprained ankle you say, what is that to a warrior? Worse injuries and misfortunes have befallen members of my illustrious house and that hasn't stopped them from riding out to meet their foe head on.
But you forget, the age of chivalry is past, honour and pride are no longer considered virtues; but i digress, this is not a post to mourn the passing of time.
This post is to vent my anger and friustration at anyone willing to accept it, to curse fate and fortune, to abuse, soundly, my destiny that sees me here sitting in front of my PC, while the sun shines outside gloriously. A beautiful summer day, a day for the beach, a day for activity a day for watching and acquainting oneself with "beautiful" things.
And i am denied these simple pleasures of life. did i ask for too much? Is my past karma bad?
Why oh why am i here inside while the world is outside.