Monday, January 10, 2005

My Thesis

Two and a half months since i finished my thesis, the trauma is over and i can finally talk and write about it without shuddering. The thesis was a big chapter in my life (i spent a whole year on it) and it thus merits atleast one post. But because its a fairly big topic, i'll break it into more than one post.

The thesis was on "Privacy and Security in Personalized Ubiquitous Systems". The basic idea was that you should be able to store a profile with your interests on a mobile device (smart phones, PDA etc) and then walk into a shop and get personalized service based on the information that the shop owner retrieves from your profile. And this must happen in a manner that protects your privacy. The shop would ofcourse need some ubiquitous infrastructure (google if you dont know what ubiquitous is) to interact with your device and retrieve information from it.

Long posts are tiring for the reader and the blog-writer. My solution, screenshots and related links in later posts.