Monday, November 29, 2004

summer projects

While i wait twiddling my thumb, for my final year marks to appear, i thought of some really cool projects for this summer.
1. Design a new personal website. My uni account will soon be closed and my existing site at won't be online for long. Besides it such a crappy site. And ofcourse i need to design my own blog along with an offline blogging tool.
2. Continue my foray into ubiquitous computing and design and implement my own "smart" room. The "smart" room will feature personalized tv, lighting and sound (carrying on from my .Home Media Center project) and i will look into having a "smart" assistant which would be responsible for the entire personalization and users would then interact with this assistant.
3. Continue my earlier work on a generic Kiosk Management System.

Given my track record, i'd consider it a very fruitful summer if i get started on even one of these projects