Monday, October 03, 2005


It is proving very hard to go on holidays. There is my usual bad planning, leaving everything till the last minute - I am hoping to leave on the 10/11th and I haven't gotten a visa, booked my tickets etc. I dont even have an itineary, just a vague list of places that I'd like to visit.
Then there is the mental struggle, one I had never hoped to see. I've always thought of myself as a nomad, a traveller, someone who could easily drop everything and leave. And now even a 3 week holiday is proving difficult and I am beset with questions doubts - what about my basketball season, what about work, what about my plans for the summer, what about other committments. Do I even really want to go or is this just trying to relive something that never really was there, about proving to myself that despite my 9-6 existence I can still, however temporarily, leave.